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Leadership & Executive Coach

I help start-up leaders who feel on an island consciously design and shift their relationship with work

Mission: To equip and empower humans
to lead consciously
so that the collective experience of work becomes
energy-giving for everyone

" Nalani helped me navigate the million and one critical moments as an entrepreneur and leader that are so so hard to figure out on your own. Myself and our company wouldn’t have been able to withstand the instability without having her strength by our side." Alina Vandenberghe || Co-CEO, Chili Piper 🌶️
"Before, I felt like I was floundering. Now, I am an entrepreneur. I needed help to understand why I felt so unsatisfied...despite being lucky enough to land top jobs [at Google and Amazon]. Nalani's pointed questions quickly helped me see that hadn't been giving myself permission to be the entrepreneur that I want to be. Being more deliberate about understanding [what was possible] helped the months that followed [my transition] feel like the most productive I have ever had." Adam Stober || Founder, Heroic Services LLC
"I could write a novel on how Nalani has impacted me. She is, without a doubt, one of the most important people I have worked with as I navigate the many ups and downs of startups. I always leave our sessions with clarity and a sense of calmness, allowing me to take my current challenge head on." Elyssa Stewart || Director of Product, Chili Piper 🌶️
"Working with Nalani has been life changing. She's helped me become more thoughtful in my work and in my life. She has helped me gain clarity on what I really want, pushes me to think differently and more deeply, and has given me the confidence to make meaningful change. My fiancé even remarked, "Nalani is the best thing that has ever happened to you." Katie M || Venture Capital Director