Leadership & Executive Coaching

I work with leaders to create intentional, energy-giving relationships with work

Coaching is about actively working toward what you want or how you want to be in the world when it feels out of reach from your current reality. 

Our relationship with work and our work environments deeply influence our well-being. I believe that our work lives can refuel us and our teams to reach our goals if we bring care and intention to crafting them. 

How I work: I partner with clients to build generative relationships with work that fuel life holistically. We explore below the surface to understand what’s at the root of what’s not working or what's not serving you. Through coaching, we work to build awareness and skills that outlast the present challenge and keep on bearing fruit over the long term.

  • I believe that we each hold a responsibility to ourselves to lean into the possibility that our work lives can refuel us.
  • Leaders hold particular power, influence, and responsibility to create the conditions for themselves and others to live this reality.   

Who I partner with: the challenges that might have you consider this work could feel like:

  • Stepping into a new phase of life or leadership that is asking more of you
  • Feeling lonely at the top as a leader
  • Facing interpersonal or organizational challenges at work that you don’t yet feel resourced to navigate
  • Struggling to find harmony and/or flow between various pillars of life, including work
  • Struggling to set and hold boundaries
  • Having a longing for a change in work or career path
  • Experiencing burnout 

Want to explore what partnering together could be like for you?

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I am always accountable to what I am feeling and what is most standing in my way [when I'm with Nalani]....I leave with a clear image of what the roadblock is (and what it isn't) and what I am going to do to remove it. I have had some of my most productive, difficult, and rewarding professional conversations of my life following my sessions with Nalani.

Joey Williams Director of Sales Development || Chili Piper

[Nalani] takes the business perspective in mind, and contextualizes issues instead of just dealing with my perspective only. Nalani shared her own [leadership] journey with me....which was important to allow me to overcome the urge to poke holes in [her] reasoning. This allowed me to focus on the value she was providing.


Mikus Krams Co-Founder || Trace.Space

Nalani is one of the best active listeners that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She shows me that she is actively listening by repeating back what I've said, asking clarifying questions, and even holding me accountable to things I've said in the past. By doing that, she's able to direct me to new realizations and help me make sense of my sometimes overran mind.

Nalani helped me tap into my body and understand what situations create what thoughts and feelings. By uncovering this I was able to more quickly identify things in the moment that brought me different feelings and respond from a place of empowerment rather than reaction.

Unlike talk therapy where I have often felt like I'm getting nowhere, Nalani gave me prompts and tools that created real change.

Marie Lunney Director of Digital Customer Success || Chili Piper


Nalani has been such an integral part in my growth towards moving out of a perfectionist mindset.

During our time working together, I was able to make peace and navigate a lot of the areas where I was criticizing myself and accept them with a deep reverence to then work to change how I approach these internal dialogues.

I'm so thankful for her guidance and open heart to help me become the person I've always wanted to be.



Karah Blandford Customer Marketing Manager || Chili Piper

Nalani supports and challenges me in a kind and comprehensive way, always helping me channel the powerful professional and person I am. She has helped me understand and express my needs, and is following me on my journey in speaking up for myself.

Maria Alice Gomes Sales Development Manager || Chili Piper

I love the container Nalani creates. I always feel safe, seen and supported with whatever I come into our sessions with. Her presence and questions help me accept that despite uncertainty, I can still feel whole. I always seem to unfold with ease and make lots of new connections in our time together.

Tiffany Wen Entrepreneur & Agency Founder