Executive Coaching

You are self-aware.
You are committed to impactful work.
You are striving to be the best leader you can be. 
This has gotten you far. You're good at convincing yourself you can handle anything, usually on your own. You have navigated so much already to get to where you are.   
But you feel like you're on an island.
If this sounds like you, I see you. I've been in your shoes.
It can be disheartening to realize that you're not sure who is really in it with you on this journey of life and leadership.
You might be asking yourself: Who can I trust? Where is it safe to really be myself? Why am I so exhausted? How do I know if I'm doing the right things as a leader?
There is a part of you that knows that tackling things on the fly is different from really showing up as the intentional leader you want to be.
Through coaching, you can work to unhook from this cycle of passive actions and step into your full expression of leadership through intentional decisions.  

Transform your Relationship with Work

I do this work in service of the possibility that the collective experience of work can become energy giving for everyone - for you, for your team, and even those whose lives you impact in other ways.

When we keep operating how we've always operated, we can't expect different results. The leadership challenges we face are deeply influenced not only by what we do, but how we show up while doing it.

Developmental Coaching helps clients cultivate the awareness, capacity, and skills to show up differently even when the pull of our default behaviors is knocking at the door. Sustainable, foundational change happens when we invest in ourselves to explore our inner world - the mindsets, patterns, and beliefs running us subconsciously that are holding us back from getting to where we want to go.

When leaders invest in growing as more aware and developed humans, we unleash a cascading effect that unlocks the potential in ourselves, our teams, and our organizational systems. 
It starts with us.

The challenges that might have you consider this work might feel like:
  • Stepping into a new phase of leadership that is asking more of you
  • Feeling lonely at the top as a leader
  • Experiencing burnout 
  • Facing interpersonal or organizational challenges at work that you don’t yet feel resourced to navigate
  • Struggling to find harmony between various pillars of life, including work
  • Struggling to set and hold boundaries
  • Having a longing for a change in your work life but unsure what is needed

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Custom Coaching

Development work is not quick fixes, this work takes time. In our custom designed coaching engagement, we will:

  • Align early on the intended outcomes of our coaching work, and check-in regularly on progress
  • Meet ~bi-weekly, with flexibility to add sessions at no extra cost
  • Use day-to-day challenges as opportunities to apply awareness and learning


How you show up individually and as a co-founding team together (your energy, mindsets, and attitudes) cascades throughout the company.

I work with co-founding teams to unlock the constraints that your beliefs, patterns, and overall level of development are placing on yourselves and the organization.

This partnership is customized to your needs and the dynamics of the organization.

Embedded Coaching Programs

You may find yourself wanting to work with a coach who understands the inner workings not just of organizations like yours, but of your unique culture and dynamics.

Embedded Coaching Programs are custom partnerships where your coach has intimate knowledge of the day-to experience of your organization and coaches many individuals within the same team.

What People Are Saying About Nalani's Work

Working with Nalani has been life changing.

She's helped me become more thoughtful in my work and in my life. She has helped me gain clarity on what I really want, pushes me to think differently and more deeply, and has given me the confidence to make meaningful change. My fiancé even remarked, "Nalani is the best thing that has ever happened to you."

Katie M. Venture Capital Director

[Nalani] takes the business perspective in mind, and contextualizes issues instead of just dealing with my perspective only. Nalani shared her own [leadership] journey with me....which was important to allow me to overcome the urge to poke holes in [her] reasoning. This allowed me to focus on the value she was providing.


Mikus Krams Co-Founder || Trace.Space

Nalani is one of the best active listeners...she shows me that she is listening by asking clarifying questions and holding me accountable to things I've said in the past. By doing that, she's able to direct me to new realizations and help me make sense of my sometimes overran mind.

Nalani helped me tap into my body and understand what situations create what thoughts and feelings. By uncovering this I'm now able to respond from a place of empowerment rather than reaction.

Unlike talk therapy where I have often felt like I'm getting nowhere, Nalani gave me prompts and tools that created real change.

Marie Lunney Director of Digital Customer Success || Chili Piper

Before, I felt like I was floundering. Now, I am an entrepreneur.

I needed help to understand why I felt so unsatisfied...despite being lucky enough to land top jobs [at Google and Amazon].

Nalani's pointed questions quickly helped me see that hadn't been giving myself permission to be the entrepreneur that I want to be.

Being more deliberate about understanding [what was possible] helped the months that followed [my transition] feel like the most productive I have ever had.

Adam Stober Founder || Heroic Services LLC

I am always accountable to what I am feeling and what is most standing in my way [when I'm with Nalani]....I leave with a clear image of what the roadblock is (and what it isn't) and what I am going to do to remove it. I have had some of my most productive, difficult, and rewarding professional conversations of my life following my sessions with Nalani.

Joey Williams Director of Sales Development || Chili Piper

I love the container Nalani creates. I always feel safe, seen and supported with whatever I come into our sessions with. Her presence and questions help me accept that despite uncertainty, I can still feel whole. I always seem to unfold with ease and make lots of new connections in our time together.


Tiffany W. Entrepreneur & Agency Founder

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