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TEDx Talk: Making Mondays Meaningful
By Nalani Rodriguez

How can we avoid waking up on Monday feeling dread for the coming work week? 


Free Workshop: Defining Your Non-Negotiables
How to Tap Into Your Values as Your Career & Life Guides

This experiential webinar that will help you take inventory of your non-negotiables in your work life. Nalani will show you how to apply this awareness toward evaluating your current role, assessing future roles, and cultivating a sustainable relationship between work and life.

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Podcast Feature: Pivot on Purpose
How to Create an Energy-Giving Relationship with Work
Do you think of your work as something you're in relationship with? In this episode, we dive deep into what it means to build relationships with our work that work for us, and we explore tangible exercises to make that relationship what we want it to be.

Uncommon Teams

Podcast Feature: Uncommon Teams
Quiete the Noise Around You
Exploring intuition, and wanting something vs having willingness to act in leadership

Happily Ambitious

Podcast Feature: Happily Ambitious
Creating an Energy-Giving Relationship with Work
How to focus on things that will fulfill us, and set goals about how we want to feel

Engaging Voices Image-3

Podcast Feature: Engaging Voices
People, Culture, & Wellbeing at Work
Discussing people, culture, and well-being at work in service of honoring our humanity.


6 and 9

Article: Using Needs to Get Unstuck in Conflict
By Nalani Rodriguez

Using Nonviolent Communication to get unstuck, even we’re convinced we’re right.

Following that spark

Article: Following that Spark - Exploring Becoming a Coach 
By Nalani Rodriguez

So you're interested in becoming a coach?! This is an overview of the two different types of coaching, how industry certifications work, and an outline of coaching training programs with a way to classify their differences.

New Years Pause

Article: New Year's Pause: A Personal Reflection Template
By Nalani Rodriguez

Please do not sit down to reflect on the turn of a New Year just because you think you should. Here is a template to navigate if this is supportive, and if so how to structure a practice like this


Article: Which Way Are You Running?
By Nalani Rodriguez

Your mindset is at the core of owning your change. Learnings from my career transition.

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Article: What is Strategy Anyway? 
By Nalani Rodriguez

Breaking down the components of building a strategy in a way that honors real-life needs